Friday, October 15, 2010

Abbott Glucose Meters are Junk!

Following a diagnosis of diabetes by my family physician, I was prescribed a FreeStyle Lite gluecose meter made by Abbott Diabetes Care, Inc. (which I assume is connected to Abbott Labs, Inc.).

In any event, I must comment that this meter is a piece of junk. I assume many other meters fall into this same category. There's a lot of political crap going on too.... when a meter is allowed a 20% +/- variation and gives widely different readings within 30 seconds of each then I say it isn't worth the cheap plastic from which it is made.

Companies like Abbott certainly are not held to any exacting standards whatsoever. I'f my statistical and financial ratio studies ever varied by +/-20% I would be laughed out of the industry. It is shocking that the FDA allows such variation to exist. In fact, if the testing strips measure between 83-125 using a known glucose standard it is considered ok!

Well, it's not ok in my book. That's what I call a crap product produced under lax standards and casual monitoring by the FDA. By the way, the American Diabetes Association seems to give its blessing to these loose standards as well.

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