Monday, February 2, 2009

Using Parsley to Boost Image

Have you ever noticed that the finer the restaurant, and the higher the prices, the plates that are used to serve the main entrees are often garnished with a piece of parsley, or an orange slice or maybe even an edible flower? Paper versus vs linen napkins is of course another way restaurants distinguish themselves. These items and practices don't necessarily enhance the flavor of the food, but because they are a part of marketing, often improve the image of the restaurant and in turn often justify the restaurant's higher prices.

Printing firms, just like restaurants, have a lot of opportunities to add parsley and linen napkins:

  • How do you package your products?
  • Do you loosely toss items into a previously used carton, or do you shrink-wrap or band your items before inserting them into one of your own custom-printed cartons?
  • Is your delivery vehicle incorporate professional signage or is it covered with grey primer paint covering dents that you mean to fix someday?
  • When was the last time you walked into your own reception area and attempted to view it through the glasses of a customer?
  • Is your customer service area brightly lit?
  • Are the floor spotless?
  • When was the last time the carpet was vacuumed or replaced?
  • Is the counter strewn with old jobs and left-over soda cans, or is it clean and spotless?

The above tips are no different than adding parsley to an entree. They cost little if nothing to implement, but can help your firm stand-out and hold firm to your prices, even during a serious economic downturn.

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