Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Getting to the next level

Here's an interesting test. Post a technical question involving InDesign or Photoshop on anyone of the three or four printers list servs in this industry and then sit back and see how many owners provide an answer!

What wrong with that? I can make a strong argument that in order for owners to take their companies to the next level (whether it be $750,000 or $1.2 million or whatever) they need to quit doing what they like to do and start doing what they need to do! Too many owners enjoy learning all about DTP software and consequently end up spending far too little time managing their businesses.

I can almost guarantee that the faster an owner is to post an answer the more likely he or she has not reached that next level.

Owners should not be working in the DTP department or filling-in in the pressroom. They need to be managing their business, analyzing their financial statements, looking at new profit centers, developing and implementing a solid marketing plan, setting goals regarding key ratios and doing whatever else only they can do!

Owners are spending too much time learning about the lastest tricks for ripping files and combining layers and too little time mastering the fundamentals of business management.

Conclusion - If you know more about InDesign or Photoshop than you do about the top ten financial ratios in this industry then shame on you!



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