Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Airplane - N819CD

Someone asked me if I had a picture of the airplane.... Heck, I have more pictures of my airplane than I do of my grandchildren.

The plane is a late-model 2002 SR20, and the one feature that makes this plane stand-out above the rest (in addition to its smooth lines and all composite construction) is that the plane incorporates a built-in parachute. The parachute is located in the fuselage, beneath the fiberglass just above the large letters "CD" near the tail. The parachute is not something you pull casually, because the plane is likely to be totalled, even though it is pretty much guaranteed (if properly deployed) to lower the plane and its passengers safely to the earth. It is a very large chute and is deployed by an equally powerful rocket which is also built into the plane.

The Cirrus Aircraft outsells all other manfacturers when it comes to single-engine aircraft, far surpassing companies such as Piper and Cessna. The SR20 cruises at approximately 145 knots, or about 165 mph, thus cutting a drive from Melbourne to Tampa from two hours and 30 minutes to 45-50 minutes. I land at Tampa International where the local FBO waives parking and landing fees, and then they allow me to keep a car indefinitely in their parking lot at no extra charge.


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