Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thumbs Down for Symbook PDF Animator

Symbook is a subscription based program that allows you to convert a multi-page document into an animated PDF that can be placed on web pages, etc. You know the type, you load a web page for a catalog and you can click or drag a page and the next page opens, and then the next, etc., etc.

Well I used Symbook, but only discovered long after the fact that despite the fact that we specified in our set-up that no printing was to be allowed, it turns out that viewers could both download and print the pages that were originally meant for viewing only!

When brought to the attention of Symbook, they apologized with a, "Yes, we know about that problem and we're working to fix it." That's not a minor problem, that is a huge screw-up on the part of Symbook.

Subscribers beware!

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