Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Computer Nerd Storms Out of Restaurant

My latest adventure with my cell phone jammer is the best so far.

Mary and I flew to Tampa last week and after landing decided to go to the XYX Pizza Grill for a nice salad.

We were sitting at the counter of this upscale restaurant and after a few minutes we were joined at the counter by the classic computer nerd. This guy comes in and sits at the counter and begins to show the waiter a coupon he has saved on his Ipad. He is proud of the fact that he has captured the coupon and begins to show it to anyone who will stop and talk to him. Most don't. The waiter says he has never seen it before and calls over the manager.

In the meantime, I reach into my pocket and bring out the jammer and put it on the counter and turn it on.... Now, I happen to notice this guy not only has an Ipad, but I also notice he has his Iphone is sitting on the counter over to his left. Then I suddenly notice that sitting directly beneath his forearms is one of those ultra thin Apple Mac portable.... three f&%&$ devices! No wonder this guy doesn't have a date! There would be no room for someone to join him.

In the meantime, he orders a beer as well as dinner but now he appears to be having all kinds of problems trying to refresh his memory or update the screens, not just on his ipad, but his iphone and Mac computer.

He is now terribly frustrated, even more so since he has no wifi signal whatsoever and the signal bars have dropped to zero.... he is really getting upset and agitated and asks the waiter if they are have trouble with their wifi, and the waiter says no not that he knows about, but maybe it was the hurricane out near Mexico that knocked some towers down, etc., etc.

I have now realized not only could I write a book about cell phone jamming, but also the excuses given by wait staff personnel when they attempt to explain the sudden loss of signals.

This guy goes outside restaurant into the mall and he gets a signal, but apparently loses it again as soon as he approaches the counter where he was sitting. He then announces that he can't eat here if he can't get wifi (can you believe that???) so he angrily asks the waiter for his check and to cancel his order for dinner.....

Oh damn, Mary and I have to be careful who we share our sheer joy and excitement about my new toy. In hindsight, I now wish I had gotten the slightly more powerful unit which I now understand I could have purchased for $40 less than I paid for this little device. Although mine works great within 10-12 feet, it is not effective beyond that.... it's still fun mind you, but I would love to be able to knock out entire city blocks!!!


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