Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Judge Praises Stewart Valuation

Just received the following from one of my former clients, and I thought you would be interested in his comments:

"I had used John Stewart's consulting services several times throughout the last 15 years, and he has been extremely helpful in helphing me manage and grow my printing company.

I went through a horrible divorce last year and hired John to do my valuation and to testify at my divorce trial. John's valuation was used by the court, despite the fact that there were two other valuations that were presented by a realtor and a business broker.

In fact, the judge said that John's testimony about the nature and value of my printing company was very compelling and that he (Stewart) was the best witness I presented for the entire trial.

This saved me almost a half million dollars in my divorce settlement as the other lawyers presented values that were twice what the business was actually worth.

The process John used for the valuation was straight forward mathematically and made common sense.

We can talk about rules of thumb and the economy but the basics of finding what your business is worth lies in the actual numbers, and John's knowledge of the printing business allows him to ask the questions necessary to get down to the real earning potential and value of a printing company.

I recommend his book on selling a printing company (www.printshopsforsale.net) as a good read to prepare you for doing a good job with him in finding the fair market value of what your company is really worth."

Tony Meyer, Owner,
Xpress Printing

Sisters, OR

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