Monday, January 16, 2012

Wages In Printing Industry

I was driving home the other day and it occurred to me that if I really wanted to sell a lot of Wage and Benefit Studies in the printing industry all I would have to do would be to market directly to employees rather than owners.. I am sure such an approach would not be looked upon favorably by many printers!

Fortunately, I am publishing the  NAQP/NAPL 2012-2013 Wage and Benefits Study on behalf of NAQP/NAPL, and thus I will not be in a position to be selling the study directly.

Nonetheless, think about the value such a study might have to a general manager, or senior graphic artist or maybe a press operator. Let's say that individual plans on making this job their career and they plan on spending most of their life in the business, so long as they are rewarded favorably.

While for many employees it may not be all about "money," it is still an important consideration.

Just musing for right now... would spending $155-$179 be a wise move for an employee just to check out how competitive his hourly wage is compared to someone else with similar skills?

The answer is a "no brainer." Let's say a person is currently earning $14.50 an hour and after thoroughly analyzing the study determines that $16 per hour is more realistic, and he approaches the owner. An increase of $1.50 per hour amounts to $3,120... even a $1 increase amounts to $2,080!

One owner pleaded with me recently not to use the company's email address because he didn't want his employees to know anything about current wages! Wow, I thought... do they not read or talk to each other or know friends that work for other printers? Of course they do, so trying to keep info about wages a "dark" secret is a fruitless and impractical goal.

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