Friday, January 13, 2012

New Wage Study Will Shock Many

SPECIAL NOTE: I am having problems with the table data provided below... I cannot get tabs to work, but I wanted to share with you the data, even though it is a bit difficult to read. The first column is from the 2007-08 Wage Study and the second column is the latest from the 2012 Wage Study (Preliminary.). I will try to get this corrected ASAP. I think it is fixed now.

The 2012-13 NAPL/NAQP Wage and Benefits Survey is well underway. I suspect that when the final study is published it will be a shock to many.

Excluding companies reporting sales greater than $10 million, the average sales of the first 150 participants is $1,658,299 and the median sales is $850,000.

This compares with the 2007-2008 average sales of $1,370,000 and median sales of $850,000.

Looking at just three positions we find that:

I suspect many owners are going to be wringing their hands together wondering what they are going to do and whether their employees will ever read about some of this data. Unfortunately, as for the latter question, the answer is "Yes." You can't keep determined employees from finding out what competitors are charging whether it's in the same town or across the country.

All I can tell you at this point is that the response rate has been great so far, and in fact the deadline has been moved up to Feb. 5 to submit your own data.

If you want to participate and get your own free copy go here:

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