Thursday, January 5, 2012

Threats by UPS Store owner

Boy, some things really piss me off. I've been conducting studies in this industry for more than 25 years... in the past few years, I have come to rely almost solely on email blasts to get to the largest possible audience.

If someone asks to be removed we offer the typical "remove" options at the bottom of every email. If someone decides instead to respond with a "Please Remove" in the subject line I forward it on immediately to my list managers.

I rarely get a disgruntled recipient. I realize that not everyone who receives an email fits our survey parameters nor do we fit theirs. We do the best we can with the lists we have. A couple of days ago I sent out 40M notices as to how someone could get a FREE copy of the upcoming Wage & Benefits Study.... just complete a survey!

Today, I received the following from an owner/manager of a UPS Store #4085... his one line response to one of our emails was:

Do not contact us again. Any further SPAM will be reported to the FCC.

I responded almost immediately, trying to keep my famous temper in check. I advised him I would do the best I could, and also advised that the most automated and simplest process was to use the "Please Remove" feature at the bottom. I also added that I don't take very kindly to threats, no matter who they come from. I've had run-ins with the best... the FBI, FAA and even Homeland Security (TSA)... and I mean in person with agents, so threatening to contact the FCC with a complaint about SPAM is almost humorous - Especially so when these emails do not qualify as SPAM - all this does is bring my blood to a boil.

About five minutes after sending my response I get a CC copy from him containing some reference number to an FCC complaint form.

One minute after that I responded with the a "F*** Y**." If he thought he was going to intimidate me he was quite mistaken. I proceeded to write a letter to UPS World Headquarters in Atlanta describing this guy's attitude and the threat to turn me in for a simple email invitation! As I told UPS, "you've got to be kidding."

Anyway, I repeated the statement that I really didn't like being threatened by one of their store owners and I was holding them responsible for disciplining this owner and asking him to cease his "childish" behavior.

Of course, as I always do, I sent it out Priority Mail with a subject line on the mailing label, highlighted in yellow that said: "Threats and harassment by a UPS Store Manager/Owner."

Well, that should get someone's attention. What a jackass.

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