Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ipad helps with shooting three more videos

Well, it rained cats and dogs on Saturday, but that was Ok because I was planning on spending all Saturday morning shooting three new videos. Previously I went out and bought the light stands, the tripod, wireless mike set-up and the camera, but I ended up hiring a local videographer to do all the filming, editing, etc. It has been both fun and nerve-wracking at the same time. Trying to get it all in one take, keeping them short, and yet interesting through the use of key charts and graphs has been a challenge.

I have fallen in love with my ipad II and while I first got it because of a great flight planning software program (which has revolutionized the paperwork part of flying), I now find myself using it extensively for reading, checking my email and as a very useful tool in helping me make these videos.

I use the Ipad and a program called Notetaker. The program was developed by Dan Bricklin... if you are 50 years or older you should recognize that name because he developed the very first spreadsheet program called Visicalc. He is often referred to as the father of personal computing because he actually came up with a spreadsheet program that could be used on personal computers to do real work, rather than just play games.

We then connect the Ipad to a video capture card and capture all of the penstrokes and drawing that I use while demonstrating the various slides. It has worked out great.

Anyway, I should have these three new videos uploaded within the next 7-10 day. The subjects cover:

  • "Chart of Accounts"

  • "Critical Financial Ratios,"

  • and one I simply call the "Money Video."
Lots of editing required to put these videos into final form but I hope they help those who choose to view them.

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