Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Anonymous Posts (arrrgh!)

In more than three years of publishing a blog, the comment I received to my post regarding Rep. Posey was the very first anonymous post I have ever received. To be blunt, I have little if any respect for anyone who will not stand behind their comments with a signature. That's just plain gutless.

As to the specifics of the comment, while the listener may have heard me speak at one or more seminars or conferences, he has have never, never heard me suggest that the way to higher profits was by avoiding paying expenses you have already incurred.

If you want to change your buying habits in the future then go ahead and do so, but don't decide to suddenly not pay for the copier you leased two years ago or the paper you ordered last month. The speaker clearly did not understand what raising the debt ceiling was all about.... it had nothing to do with future spending but rather with paying past and current obligations.

While the author's business might be failingor in trouble I must tell him that others are doing quite well. Not everyone is quite as ready as the author of the comment to place all the blame for all the country's problems on Obama's shoulders, there's lots of that to go around.

It just infuriates me that people like this author don't have the guts to identify themselves and choose instead to hide behind "anonymous." Please note that I allowed that post to remain.


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