Thursday, June 7, 2012

"Quick Consultant" Escapes!

As usual just prior to a vacation, I find myself in the midst of trying to finish up a myriad of tasks in preparation for my "escape" (literally and figuratively) on a 14-day transatlantic cruise on the Oceania. This is called a re-positioning cruise and they occur twice a year.

It is the method that most cruise lines use to transfer or relocate their ships between the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Many of the ships normally down in the Caribbean during our Winter are repositioned to the Mediterranean for their summer cruising season. The reverse scenario occurs once again in the fall.

Since the cruise lines have to get the ships across the Atlantic with pretty much a full crew, they figure why not invite passengers to join them as well. They offer fantastic rates, especially to travelers who are not necessarily interested in getting off the ship everyday at a new port.

Mind you, there aren't many places to stop between Miami (where we leave from) and Barcelona where disembark. Which means lots of time for reading, relaxing and yes, even hitting the gym.

After we arrive in Barcelona, we are scheduled to fly back First Class via Frankfurt, Germany using milage we have accumulated. I've flow Business Class many times, but this will be the first time ever that Mary and I have flown across the Atlantic in First Class. I assume that the privilege will provide us better food and certainly get us there a couple of hours earlier than the rest of those in back!

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