Monday, July 2, 2012

Visit Margie Dana Web Site

I normally don't get carried away with recommending other sites, but today I will make an exception.

Margie Dana, who hosts a web site at: wrote a column on June 16, 2012 titled, "What Print Buyers Won't Tolerate."

The list includes more than a dozen problems or excuses encountered by print buyers that cause them to throw up their hands in disgust and seek out another printer. The list is made of some pretty common sense stuff that happens far too often in our industry.

The list is unusual in that "increasing prices" or "prices that are too high" don't even make the list. I've often said that I think printers are their own worst enemies when it comes to the need to raise prices but fail to do so out of what most often is an unwarranted fear that customers will suddenly leave in droves. Visit her web site and check the right side of her Index page to find the column, "What Print Buyers Won't Tolerate."



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