Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Pricing Survey Expanded

2012-2013 Quick Printing
Industry Pricing Survey
All good industry studies start off with great input provided by previous participants, and this year's 2012-2013 Quick Printing Industry Pricing Survey does just that. These are just a few of the new additions we've incorporated into the new survey:

  • Identifying & Rating 2nd (back-up) Color Printers

  • Variable Data Charges and Pricing

  • Discounts Used for Aggressive Pricing (revised)

  • Pricing for Digital 4C Envelopes and Devices Used

  • In-Line Booklet Making Charges on Digital Printers

  • Pricing for Industry's Six Top Binding Methods

  • Expanded Business Card Pricing

  • Scoring and Creasing Charges for Digital Products

Visit our landing page for addtional details on participating.
CAUTION: The deadline for submitting your survey is Sept. 5, 2012


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