Monday, October 15, 2012

The Only Pricing Study that Printers Trust

As you may know, there are two industry pricing studies available for sale right now… the 2012-2013 Quick Printing Industry Pricing Study (the one published by QP Consulting, Inc. for more than 25 years), or the over-priced and statistically questionable pricing study available from NAPL/NAQP!
All I can tell you is if order the 2012-2013 Quick Printing Industry Pricing Study you will be getting the same high quality, statistically accurate, and super comprehensive pricing study that you and others have come to respect for more than 25 years! Remember too, our study is sold with a no-questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee if you are not totally satisfied with our publication.
Plus, if you order our study you’ll pay only $179, not the inflated $249 established for NAPL’s Pricing Study. You see, we price our studies as competitively as possible in order to get them in the hands of as many printers as we can. Consequently, if you order our study, the one published by QP Consulting, Inc. (my company), you will already be saving 28% as opposed to their published retail price. Plus, you’ll be getting so much more in terms of size, expertise and statistical accuracy… benefits you simply won’t get if you decide to go with the “other study.”
Remember too, that NAPL/NAQP has priced their study not on the basis of content and value, but rather to simply convey what they believe is a higher perceived value. On numerous occasions, I was told they really didn’t care about special sales or discounts or even increasing raw sales, since they have no out-of-pocket expenses to worry about…. They always get someone else with “deep pockets” like Xerox* to pick up the tab. NAQP/NAPL is just as happy to have another publication to put up on their shelves. Whether it sells or not isn’t a major concern. It’s simply “chicken-feed” for them, especially so when they have sponsors picking up the tab.
It’s your choice. Purchase the real Pricing Study from the same publisher that has been publishing this study for more than 25 years, or pay almost 40% more and purchase the “newcomer” on the block. Go here for more details and sample charts and graphs.

*I sometimes find myself feeling sorry for Xerox and other companies that are often pressured to pick up the tab for industry studies without knowing much about their structure, distribution or accuracy. Associations often turn to these vendors because they know they have deep pockets and $XXX to commit towards industry education. I have also found myself wondering over the years what are member dues used for other than to pay executive and administrative salaries, since they never seem to be used to fund industry research.


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