Monday, October 15, 2012

Executive Salaries Produce Low ROI for Members

Overpaid or Underworked???
By now you've probably heard about many members of NAQP griping about the salaries being paid to top executives at NAPL and wondering what do the members get for their dues, especially in light of the fact that most of the key industry studies, if and when published, are only done so after securing sponsorships from vendors in the industry such as Xerox, Canon, KM and others.
Here's a look salaries paid to the top six executives at NAPL according to IRS form 990 filed for the calendar year 2010:
  • Joeseph Truncale, Pres/CEO...    $349,432
  • Timothy Fischer, SR. VP...       $217,557
  • William F. Woods, SR. VP...      $186,081
  • John Hyde, VP Consulting...      $202,108
  • Andrew Paparozzi, VP/Chf. Econ.  $181,195
  • Michael B. Philie, VP Conslt.    $178,812                
                           Total... $ 1,315,185

You would think a team this highly compensated would go out of their way to assist and reach out to members, answer their questions and produce conferences that folks would rave about, but such is not the case at NAPL/NAQP.
Many NAQP members are simply throwing up their hands in disgust asking exactly what is the association doing on their behalf? With less than 80 companies turning out for the latest NAQP Owner's Conference in Chicago, you would think the association would be desparately reaching out to members asking them how they can improve their services, but such does not appear to be the case. Maybe they are surveying in secret!


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