Thursday, October 18, 2012

NAQP Pricing Study Delayed?

Apparently, if you're waiting on your copy of the NAPL/NAQP Pricing Study you may have to wait a few more days.... some strange signals being given out...
At first, it was promised to be available to participants by Graph Expo, but so far none of the participants have received their copy. When queried as to when it should be expected, NAPL is telling callers it is being printed & mailed as we speak? Maybe outsourced to China? In any event, if you call and attempt to order you are told it should be available by the end of the month!
You might take a very serious, close look at soem of the numbers they are claiming for participation. It just sounds fuzzy to me. I suspect someone has been playing around with the numbers but I cannot prove that.... it would be nice for NAPL to release the list of qualified participants, because that would surely clear up any speculation as to whether they have "cooked" their participation lists to make their survey look better than it is. Being able to track their participation rates, including names and addresses for the first 12 days of the survey (due to a gaping hole left in the survey) makes any subsequent claims as to participation levels somewhat suspect! How you jump from 14 participants to 285-290 in just a few short days is beyond my 25 years of experience conducting similar surveys.
What about the 2012-2013 Quick Printing Industry Pricing Study? More than 60 days ago participants were promised the study would be released and distributed to participants on or before Oct 12th, and guess what? The study was released on October 12th just as promised.
If you would like to order the "real" pricing study all you have to do is visit our main web site at: and then follow the appropriate links. You can also visit a page containing various graphs and charts extracted from the study.


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