Monday, January 7, 2013

Printers Establish New Trade Association

If you're currently a member of NAQP/NAPL but dissatisfied with the services they provide or their high dues structure you now have a choice - The National Print Owners Association, Inc. (NPOA).
NPOA is a brand new trade association designed to meet the needs of printers in the $250,000 to $4,000,000 range. The association was started at the grass roots level in the fall of 2012 by a group of 19 printers from across the country.
What first began last fall as just an idea for getting together socially to discuss common problems quickly evolved into a more formal desire to possibly create a brand new association providing services similar to what the "old" NAQP used to provide.
The new association had what is called in the restaurant industry a "soft opening" on December 21, 2012 when it launched its brand new web site. In the next 16 days, more than 130 printing firms from all across the country decided to take a chance and send in their application. More firms continue to join every week.
From my perspective, this new association is "just what the doctor ordered." For a long time now, I have been terribly disappointed by the continued inability of NAQP/NAPL to fully understand what our segment of the industry was all about. They admitted as much at a recent strategic planning meeting held last fall, when NAPL Leaders openly admitted they had really dropped the ball when it came meeting the goals established during the merger talks between the two associations in 2006.
In my opinion, six years is far too long to wait for a trade association to get its act together. After dealing with the NAQP/NAPL staff for more than six years, I can report that for the most part, the officers and staff still haven't the faintest understanding of what distinguishes "small commercial/quick printers" from the rest of the crowd.
Now that there is an alternative, I encourage you to seriously consider joining this new association. I urge you to visit the NPOA site ( and read as much as you can, including the introduction and the many testimonials provided by the founders. Read some of the reasons these individuals these individuals gave for starting this new association and see if you don't agree that NPOA might be just the organization for you!
For further information, you might want to visit my website at, where I will be posting a new column titled, "Six Years Later NAQP/NAPL Merger a Failure!"


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